Summer Sounds with SoundCheck - Intermediate Session

1. All Students

performing "Fly Away"

2. Artist Development

performing "I've Got The Music In Me"
coached by Zara

3. Ashlee Jewell

performing "Trainwreck"
supported by Kassidy Jewell & Evie Marnica
coached by Zara

4. Adam Letman

performing "Crazy"
supported by The Boys Ensemble
coached by Liam

5. Kassidy Jewell

performing "Make You Feel My Love"
supported by Adie Noonan & Ashlee Jewell
coached by Zara

6. Lily Smart

performing "Dandelions"
coached by Maddie

7. Charli Vernon

performing "Rhiannon"
supported by Coach Chloe & Coach Claudia
coached by Chloe

8. Ava McArthur

performing "Location"
coached by Maddie

9. Eliza Pegg

performing "Born This Way"
coached by Claudia

11. Adie Noonan

performing "Cupid's Chokehold"
supported by Kassidy Jewell & Ava Treloar
coached by Zara

12. Daisy & Harry Donovan-Clancy

performing "Up"
coached by Zara

13. DJ Kaess

performing "We Are The Champions"
supported by The Boys Ensemble
Coached by Zara & Liam

10. Camryn Letman

performing "Valerie"
supported by Ella O'Brien & Alyssa Moloney
coached by Claudia

14. Nina Douglas

performing "River Deep Mountain High"
supported by Lily Retallick
coached by Zara

15. Ava Treloar

performing "Strangest of Ways"
supported by Evie Marnica
coached by Zara

16. Coach Dorothy

performing "The Way You Look Tonight"

17. Ella O'Brien

performing "Only Exception"
supported by Coach Liam
coached by Liam

18. Coach Claudia 

performing "I'll Never Love Again"

19. Evie Marnica

performing "Peachy"
supported by Ella Hutchinson & Ashlee Jewell
coached by Zara

20. Ella Hutchinson

performing "Don't You Worry Bout a Thing"
supported by Alyssa Moloney & Harriet Downs
coached by Zara

21. Harriet Downs

performing "Move"
supported by Lily Retallick & Ruby Morrow
coached by Zara

22. Ruby Morrow

performing "Don't Stop Believing"
supported by DJ Kaess & Nina Douglas
coached by Zara

23. Lily Retallick

performing "I Want You Back"
supported by Nina Douglas, Harriet Downs & Ella Hutchinson
coached by Zara