Summer Sounds with SoundCheck - Senior Session

1. All Students

performing "Fly Away"

2. Alyssa Moloney

performing "Somebody to Love"
coached by Zara

3. Georgia Ring

performing "Scared To Be Lonely"
supported by Mia Wallis & Caitlyn Askari
coached by Zara

4. Chloe Warmington

performing "Someone Like You"
supported by Amy Schreenan & Lilly Pennell
coached by Zara

5. Thalia Tatchell

performing "Dancing Queen"
coached by Zara

6. Chiara Basilio

performing "How Come You Don't Call Me"
supported by Phoebe McCallum & Coach Dorothy
coached by Chloe

7. Emilie Robertson

performing "Clean"
coached by Chloe

8. Amy Schreenan

performing "Mirror"
supported by Flick Jones
coached by Zara

9. Flick Jones

performing "Make You Feel My Love"
supported by Gabby Carton & Lilly Pennell
coached by Chloe

10. Renae Scholte

performing "Canyons"
supported by Tyler Murphy & Coach Zara
coached by Zara

11. Tahlia Johnson

performing "Golden Hour"
supported by Lilly Pennell & Holly McAdie
coached by Zara

12. Gabby Carton

performing "Traitor"
supported by Flick Jones & Coach Chloe
coached by Zara

13. Adele Lockhart

performing "They Weren't There"
Coached by Zara

14. Rebecca Perry

performing "Ex's & Oh's"
supported by Liv Shalders
Coached by Chloe

15. Tyler Murphy

performing "Here You Come Again"
supported by Renae Scholte, Zoe James & Thalia Tatchell
Coached by Zara

16. Jasmaine Harwood

performing "I've Got Rhythm"
Coached by Zara

17. Zoe James

performing "Adore You"
supported by Thalia Tatchell, Coach Zara & Coach Claudia
Coached by Zara

18. GMA

performing "Crazy in Love"
Coached by Zara

19. Alex Sassmannshausen

performing "Killing In The Name"
supported by Coach Liam
coached by Liam

20. Tom Marr

performing "One Last Kiss and Goodbye"
coached by Dorothy

21. Amy Schreenan

performing "Mirror"
supported by Flick Jones
coached by Zara

22. Holly McAdie 

performing "Don't You Remember"
supported by Lilly Pennell & Wil Oldaker
coached by Zara

23. Isla Casey

performing "1950"
coached by Zara

24. Mia Wallis

performing "On My Mind"
supported by Georgia Ring & Caitlyn Askari
coached by Zara

25. Liv Shalders

performing "Gravity"
coached by Zara

26. Phoebe McCallum

performing "Complicated"
supported by Gabby Carton & Chloe Warmington
coached by Zara

27. Wil Oldaker

performing "Vienna"
supported by Chloe Warmington, Amy Schreenan & Tahlia Johnson
coached by Zara

28. Artist Development

performing "Chariot"
coached by Zara

29. Coach Erica

performing "Fighter"
supported by Lilly Pennell, Caitlyn Askari & Mia Wallis

30. Lilly Pennell

performing "You're The Voice"
supported by Tahlia Johnson, Isla Casey & Coach Claudia
coached by Zara

31. Caitlyn Askari

performing "Gold"
supported by Adele Lockhart, Coach Zara, Coach Liam & Coach Chloe
coached by Zara