A Day In The Studio: What To Expect From Music Lessons At SoundCheck

When you’re venturing into the world of music lessons, it’s super important for you to not only vibe with your teacher, but the studio you’re about to get started with!

We’ve all had a teacher that we didn’t really like (you’re picturing them right now, aren’t you??). We’ve all had that studio that made us feel a bit ick (too cold, too sterile, too clinical!). And we’ve all felt how those factor into our long term relationship with music (and whether we end up continuing lessons at all!).

That’s why we’re here to make your music experience as fun, vibey and suited to YOU as possible. Don’t believe us? Read all about what a day in our studio looks like and let us change your mind!

First Things First? We’re Competing With The Ballarat Weather!

The most important thing first, heat! We’re competing with the Ballarat weather pretty much every single day, year round, so it’s safe to say it’s a race to the remote for the heating as soon as we rock up in the studio.

When we’ve thawed out and can feel our fingers (and toes, and noses) we get the studios set up for the day. We switch on our signature groovy lights, make a bucketload of coffee, do some warm ups and log onto the portal to check out what’s on for the day.

That’s when we open up the doors to the outside world and start welcoming our students into the studio, ready for the afternoon’s lessons!

This Is Where The Fun Really Gets Started!

We always kick things off with a chat, a catch up and a quick rundown of the previous lesson (because we’re not just coaches, but confidants, friends and an ever so musical family, too!).

Then? We roll into our warmups, exercises, theory (we promise, it’s the fun kind!) and technical work, getting those voices (or fingers, if you’re strumming it out in a guitar lesson!) warmed up and ready to get cracking on some song work.

Now, if you’re new to SoundCheck, you might be wondering what on earth this “song work” is. To put it simply, it’s a bit of a snazzy way of saying that we’re using all of those technical skills in a more practical sense. It also usually includes feeling out, fixing up and nailing your songs for upcoming performances, as well as doing a bit of songwriting if that’s your jam!

Pretty sweet, don’t you reckon?

And of course, at the end of every class, our students will get handy little email with any notes from the lesson, helping them track their progress and giving them a list of things they can work on for next week.

Then? We say goodbye to one student, hello to the next, and the cycle continues until we’ve seen all our fave, fun, SoundCheck students in studio!

At SoundCheck, we make it our mission to have as much fun as humanly possible in studio while still giving you all the musical knowledge you need to rock out and rock on in a career in the industry.

From the moment our teachers switch on the heating (thanks to the freezing Ballarat weather!) to the moment we’re locking up for the night, we do everything we can to provide vibey, practical lessons that you’ll love coming back to every week.

Want to swing by for a trial lesson to make sure we’re a fit? You can enquire about lessons here. We can’t wait to welcome you into the SoundCheck community!

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