Can I Have Music Lessons In Lockdown?

Are you sick of hearing about unprecedented times, yet??

Yeah, so are we!! That’s why we’re not going to talk about how unprecedented the times are. Instead, we’re going to talk about how uncertain they are.

At any given moment, we could be plunged back into a lockdown without notice, without preparation and without the ability to head into the studio to jam out at SoundCheck HQ.

Luckily, that’s why you absolutely can have music lessons in lockdowns, with our team of coaches at the (digital) ready whenever the time strikes. But the virtual fun doesn’t stop there, with a few extra special lockdown experiences helping our SoundCheck communities get through the tough times until we can reunite in studio.

Let’s start with the good ol’ online lesson, and what a typical one looks like!

Our (Amazing) Student Portal

Here at SoundCheck, we have an amazing online student portal with a whole heap of resources you can access from anywhere (with internet, of course!). It’s a giant, virtual library jam-packed with warmups, exercises, songwriting tracks and more, helping make it super easy for us to teach technique from a distance.

All you need is some kind of device with a camera and a mic and you can join us for online lessons. Whether you’ve got a phone, iPad or laptop, you can jump on and jam out with us, easy peasy!

Flexibility With Our (Mega Awesome) Online Learning

The great thing about being set up for online music lessons is that we don’t need to rely on them purely for lockdowns. We have a bunch of students joining us on the reg from all over the world, from India and Indonesia all the way to the UK and back to regional Australia!

The main benefit? The absolute flexibility of music lessons from home.

You can jam out in your pjs. You can do your lesson in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to live near our Ballarat music studio to get your weekly dose of SoundCheck, which makes music a whole lot more accessible to a whole lot more people.

Another handy (and BIG) plus? We've found online lessons are a great way of teaching our students how to warm themselves up and practice without a teacher having to guide them through every aspect of a lesson.

Our (Super Cool) SoundCheck Community

We know lockdowns can be a tough, super isolating time, which is why we’re all about making them as fun for our SoundCheck community as possible!

Not only do we try to make our online lessons as engaging as possible, we also put up challenges, hold virtual trivia parties and give out prizes to help keep the energy high and the virtual studio vibes in check.

These virtual events also help us connect our amazing, global community, with SoundCheck students from all over the world being able to connect through their shared love of music, regardless of where they live!

While we can’t predict what’ll happen in the next year, month or even week, we’ll always have your music lesson needs covered at SoundCheck studios. Not only do our online music lessons cater to lockdowns, they help students all over the world be a part of our vibrant, super fun SoundCheck community.

And that’s a pretty special thing, don’t you think?

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