Learn To Sing With Confidence!

Do you want to learn to sing with confidence? Do you want to not only learn the notes, but put your skills to the test and show ‘em what you’ve got?

Learning to not only sing, but perform, with confidence is a huge step in any artists’ life, which is why we’ve written a handy little blog on the process of building that confidence and why, if you’ll allow a bit of a humble brag, our students LOVE us for it!

Let’s dive in!

You Do You (And We Mean It)

Here’s the thing with confidence: it stems from within. Feeling comfortable with your very own, unique, true-to-you voice, style and approach to music is where your confidence comes to life, knowing that you don’t have to be like the others, compete with the others and excel above and beyond the others JUST to succeed.

Instead, you feel assured, at ease and relaxed by the idea that you’re so very YOU in your artistry that confidence comes naturally, because you’re not suffering from comparison-itis. That’s a pretty special thing, don’t you think?

And believe it or not, this whole confidence thing CAN be learned. Here at SoundCheck Studios, We have a You Do You approach to all of our in-person and online singing lessons, which two of our FAB students know all too well:

“We're both learning how to improve our voices and grow ourselves as performers in a way that matches our unique voice and style, and we have a blast while doing it.” – Renae

We help nurture your confidence as a performer through our mega contemporary approach to music. We value individuality more than anything and strive to help you find your true, authentic voice, encouraging you to find and embrace your own style of singing!

This is where confidence starts. But how do we build on it from here?

Practice Makes Perfect

You SURELY knew this was coming, right?? This might just be one of the most overused expressions on the planet, but it’s overused for a reason (hint: because it’s true!).

You’ve now got your inner confidence on track. You’re feeling at home in your craft, steering VERY clear of that pesky comparison-itis and are vibing HARD with the music you’re putting out into the world.

Now, it’s time to ACTUALLY put it out into the world by getting on stage!

We’ve got some pretty great stage facilities in every singing room here at SoundCheck, fully decked out with lighting and professional cordless mics and speakers, so you don’t just walk the walk, but you talk the talk in your singing lessons!

But as handy as super cool stage facilities are, you don’t NEED them to take the next step in building your confidence. Instead, just gather around your family in the lounge room and put on a show! Or maybe, you can get involved in a local open mic night and give your gifts a whirl!

Whatever it is, taking your confidence from that internal belief that you’ve GOT this to the external reassurance that you do, in fact, GOT this, is incredibly powerful in building your confidence muscle.

The Final Puzzle Piece

We’ve now got the internal, comes-from-within, only-you-can-make-it-happen confidence on lock.

We’ve ALSO got the external, affirming, community reassurance that you’ve got the goods!

The final piece in this confidence puzzle is compassion, both from within and the people you surround yourself with. Not only do you need to lean into self-compassion on the days where you’re just not feeling it (which happens to the best of us!), you need to surround yourself with compassionate people who get that your journey to confidence is not a linear one.

We all have setbacks. We all have mishaps. We all have those super embarrassing moments on stage where we trip, mess up a note or straight up forget the lyrics (even if it STILL embarrasses us to think about, ten years later!). This’ll undoubtedly put a dent in your confidence, but having compassion for yourself and feeling compassion from those around you will have you back on the confidence-gaining track in no time!

At SoundCheck, we show compassion by meeting you where you’re at. If you’re up for a big stage performance, we’ll get you on a stage, STAT! But if you’re not quite there yet, we have a pretty special empathetic way of encouraging passion, nurturing your confidence and building you up to a place where you’ll be able to get on that stage and belt it out!

It’s time to show up with CONFIDENCE, and now you have the tools in your musical toolbox to be able to do that.

What has YOUR journey to confidence been like? Are you still working out the kinks? Let us know in the comments or over Instagram at SoundCheck Ballarat. We’d love to know what you think!

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