Lesson Policies:


- Once you have completed your trial lesson, a $15 annual registration fee will be added to your bill to get you all set up. This fee will only come up once a year to cover our admin expenses.


- We ask all Students/Guardians to notify their wonderful coach of a cancellation at least 24 hrs in advance to be eligible for a makeup credit. You can cancel a lesson using your student portal! Click student login on our website to access (if you have filled out our enquiry form, you should have received login access through your email). Lessons cancelled within 24 hours will not be rescheduled and full payment is required, so we would loooove if you could give us a little notice.

- If your coach needs to cancel your lesson, we will find an awesome replacement teacher or a makeup credit will be granted.

- We are also very well equipped to move lessons to Zoom if ever necessary! Notify your instructor that you would like to move your lesson to Zoom via. the SoundCheck email: hello@soundcheckstudios.com.au

- Lessons must be moved to Zoom or cancelled if presenting COVID-19 symptoms, or if waiting on test results! Keep our studio germ free!


- Properly cancelled lessons can be re-booked via. the student portal in the available times. Where possible, we will also open extra times over the school holidays for makeups! 

- Makeup credits will be granted for all properly cancelled lessons. Credits will expire when we finish the mid-year break, as well as at the end of term 4. You must book your credits in during the allotted times otherwise they will expire, so make sure you get them booked in!

- We love our staff! And we want to be able to offer them consistent income and work. Because of this, we will not credit or refund your owing makeup lessons. Just be sure to reschedule them as above!


- Upon enrolment, and after the first initial trial lesson, students are committing to lessons for the entire/remainder of the current school term. If you wish to discontinue lessons, we suggest doing so at the end of term to avoid forfeiting your payments.

- If you would like to discontinue before term ends, we can provide a studio credit for these lessons, which will stay valid until the end of the current calendar year.

- If you are cancelling lessons based on dissatisfaction with our studio (we hope not!), these credits may be refunded on a case-by-case basis, after a complaint has been filed (read below re: complaints).



- We can't offer makeup credits for missed group lessons... BUT! If you would like to join and tune into the class from afar (or when sick), we can set up a Zoom call so you can still be a part of it!


- Students should arrive on time to all scheduled lessons to receive the full lesson. Lessons will end at their scheduled time, regardless of the time of students arrival. Try to come on time! We don't want you to miss out!

- If your instructor is late, they will extend your lesson finish time to make up for it!


- We are suuuper flexible with payments, and understanding that all families present different financial situations. For this reason, we offer the options of upfront term payments, or weekly/fortnightly/monthly payment plans.

Please note that we require families to re-apply for payment plans at the start of each calendar year!

- If you require an extension on any invoice due date, please email the studio and we can organise this so you can avoid a late fee. We want to be as flexible as possible in order to suit your circumstances! 

- If payment isn't received before due, and no extension has been requested, unfortunately you may incur a $10 late fee. (We don't want this to happen! So again - just speak to us if you need extra time). Please note you risk losing your lesson time if payment isn't received. 


- We have a formal process for handling complaints/feedback. We take your opinion seriously and want to make you feel heard. Click the Feedback button at the bottom of our website and we will reach out to you.


- By signing up to SoundCheck you have agreed to receive promotional emails from our business. You can unsubscribe from these emails at anytime. 

Now all the boring formal stuff is done - Welcome to SoundCheck! We are so excited to have you here!