Enjoy learning to sing with SoundCheck!

Have you been itching for a singing lesson that’ll give you exactly what you’re after,
regardless of your experience or career ambition?

You’re in luck! Here at SoundCheck, we’re the pro’s at making tailor-made singing lessons just for you. Whether you’re wanting to venture into a career in the arts, get an awesome VCE result or are simply doing it for a love of music, our coaches will make your lessons sing (in more ways than one!).

Now, let’s jump into what’s involved in an actual lesson. You’ll be met with:

- Our amazing team of vocal coaches, with super modern approaches to lessons (in other words, no more Ave Maria unless that’s what YOU want).
- Carefully selected singing exercises and songs that’ll help you achieve your singing goals!

- An empathy-led approach to lessons, where we value individuality beyond technique.

- Opportunities to perform at our Open Mic & Gig Nights (totally optional!), which help develop your stage skills in a super supportive, encouraging environment!

- Absolutely and totally NO JUDGEMENT! We will meet you where you are, no matter your age or ability.

Does this sound like your kind of singing lesson? Let’s get rockin’, shall we?



Start with a Trial Lesson

This is where we kick things off, with a trial lesson in one of our in person music studios! This is where you’ll get a tour, try out the classes and ask your questions before we sign you up for ongoing lessons! Or... we can meet you on Zoom from anywhere in the world!


inc. GST

30 min Private Singing Lesson with a Junior Coach


a fortnight

Great for beginner students that are just dipping their toes in the water. Our Junior Coaches have incredible passion and enthusiasm for their teaching studies, and are trained and supported by our Senior Coaches.

Starting at...

30 min Private Singing Lesson with a Senior Coach

Ready to jump in? Our Senior Coaches are experienced and seasoned musicians, and are here to guide you through your musical journey,


a fortnight

Starting at...

60 min Private Singing Lesson with a Senior Coach

Wanting to take your singing that little bit further? Join your fave vocal coach for an hour long private singing lesson, perfect for honing your craft!


a fortnight

Starting at...

Want to see how it's done?